Interesting Facts about the founder of Post, Texas, cereal magnate C. W. Post (1854 – 1914)

  1. Developed coffee substitute, Postum, in 1895. Grape Nuts was the first cereal Mr. Post developed.
  2. Lived in Battle Creek, Michigan where he built a hotel, an office building, a theater and housing developments in addition to his cereal business.
  3. Considered by many as the father of advertising, Post believed “advertising was the sunshine that makes business grow.”
  4. Invented and secured patents on such farm equipment as cultivators, a sulky plow, a harrow and a haystacker.
  5. Discovered area of Texas where the city of Post was developed while traveling to Ft. Worth. He saw the area as a “utopia” and began his colonizing venture.
  6. Conducted “rain battles” near Post (1912-1913) to induce rainfall during a season of drought.
  7. Founded Postex Cotton Mill in 1912 to provide an outlet for local cotton farmers.
  8. Net worth at the time of Mr. Post’s death in 1914 estimated to be $33 million. (Equals relative worth of $3.5 billion in 2015).